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Are you looking to change things up a little bit? Learning and growing is so much better than remaining stagnant and stuck. In fact, if you are stuck, a fresh perspective may be just what you need to become unstuck. A fresh perspective can be life-changing!

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Modern Age Theology for the Seeker

In secularizing societies, being part of one specific religious, philosophical, or spiritual worldview is no longer taken for granted. Membership in many religious denominations is decreasing. People may not be willing to commit to one singular worldview, because they are not willing to limit themselves to one specific tradition, do not consider these traditions to … Continue reading Modern Age Theology for the Seeker

The “Greening” of Spiritual Person-hood – Part I

In our times, the fatal vulnerabilities of the modern way of ‘constructing self-hood’ are becoming ever more evident. Joanna Macy, who writes from a Buddhist perspective, has argued for the need to “green” the self by rediscovering its participation in ecological and cosmic networks.  This would require, it seems, harnessing both the self-protective and the self-giving potentials of human … Continue reading The “Greening” of Spiritual Person-hood – Part I

Happiness is a Choice

Oftentimes, we’ve heard that happiness is elusive – the more we chase it, the more unattainable it becomes; and that it depends a great deal on external factors far beyond one’s scope of control. Recent research, however, has shown that happiness indeed is a choice and is a result of the conscious or unconscious choices … Continue reading Happiness is a Choice