Introducing Ananta –

We are Ananta, a place of counselling excellence.

Ananta, a unique initiative, has come into being in order to make an earnest attempt at improving mental well-being of people by leveraging the power of life-transforming thoughts to bring about positive transitions and broad-gauged changes in people’s life. Ananta introduces the concept of philosophical counselling along with spiritual counselling. Philosophical counselling helps people in distraction or tangle to evaluate their worldviews and reorient their emotional dispositions.

The inspiration-

Therapy has traditionally been regarded as a “treatment” (the medical model) or a talking-cure (the psychoanalytic-psychotherapeutic model), as remedy for maladies and mental illness, but it was Plato who first propounded the notion of philosophy itself as a therapy for disorders of the mind and soul. For Plato, philosophy is a way of life and offers itself as a therapy, beginning with a diagnosis of derailment and disorder (in the soul and society) together with its distinctive methods of release and transformation (cure).


– Tailored to your personal need
– Achieve and actuate your full potential
– Bring absolute clarity to your mind and your life
– One-on-one live online chat and discussion sessions

Ananta works with professionals in business, education, healthcare, non-profits and government. Counselling is aimed at all age groups fourteen years and above.

Benefits of Counselling –

. Improved public skills
. Improved leadership skills
. Improved personal effectiveness
. Learn how to motivate yourself and others with ease
. Improving what you already do now
. Mental perspicuity

Ananta conducts one-on-one live chat and discussion sessions for counselling. [Primarily via Whatsapp – +91 – 960 438 6610]

Sessions are conducted personally by Ms. Bhaktee Kale. [ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Practitioner | Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner | Author of the book – “Understanding Our Cosmos – The Philosophical Way” and the Founder of Ananta (अनंता)].

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