Spiritual Self-Care

Spiritual self-care is defined as the set of spirituality-based practices in which people engage to promote continued personal development and well-being in times of health and illness”.

An individual’s mind-spirit-body connection, upbringing, moral and religious background, and life experiences that originate from faith, feelings, and emotions form the basis of spiritual self-care. Examples of spiritual self-care can include building social networks or volunteering; listening to inspirational music; meditation; and development of a sense of inner peace and quiet. Other examples of spiritual self-care include practicing yoga or Tai Chi, attending religious services, reading sacred or inspirational texts, prayer or mediation, hiking, walking or otherwise enjoying nature, and developing or mending personal relationships.

People can enhance their spiritual well-being and quality of life by participating in spiritual self-care activities.

[This article has been written as a part of the series –“Ananta Daily“. To know more about Ananta, check this.]

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