Continuous Self-Improvement

To avoid deceiving ourselves about whether we have actually realized some liberating truth, it is  advised that we utilize the criteria of peace, assurance, gratitude and love to determine the validity of our thoughts. This means that unless we can be aware of the presence of these spiritual qualities in our consciousness, which are indicative of harmony with spiritual reality, we need to continue seeking understanding of the truth.

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The transitions facilitated consist of recognition of erroneous commitment to some existentially invalid value, followed by regret for one’s ignorance, and then re-orientation toward imbuing consciousness with a revelatory truth.

The process of identifying the problematic ideals that we cling to requires-

  awareness that we need to examine our situation to gain understanding

 wholehearted interest in asking ourselves the meaning of our plight

 and receptivity to acknowledging the truth about our questionable attachments.

[This article has been written as a part of the series –“Ananta Daily“. To know more about Ananta, check this.] If you found this article interesting you would also like – Happiness is a Choice

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