Transformational Leadership

In the context of Transformational Leadership, lets articulate four premises of leadership for social change:

• Leadership is concerned with fostering change in contrast to the notion of management which suggests preservation or maintenance • Leadership is inherently value-based since it is intentional and purposeful • Since efforts to initiate change can come from anyone in the institution, all people are potential leaders • Leadership is a group process, a collective effort, rather than the actions of a single individual.

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In accepting these four premises it would be critical for us to address certain fundamental questions in this context: * What values should guide the leadership process? * Towards what end is the leadership effort directed? * How do individuals initiate change efforts? * How are leadership groups formed?

[This article has been written as a part of the series –“Ananta Daily“. To know more about Ananta, check this.] If you found this article interesting you may also like – What is Spiritual Leadership?

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