Philosophy vs Science

To reveal the more general nature of things, it is necessary for philosophy to analyze, overcome and eliminate the narrow limits of specific science, which is philosophy’s criticism on science. What is achieved on the basis of this criticism is philosophy’s transcendence to science.

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In addition, the infinite nature of the universe and the limitation of the existence of human beings and the development of science stipulate our scientific understanding on the universe. It is always a limited understanding about the infinite: limited fields, limited levels, limited angles, limited vision, limited phases… In this way, human science always has an endless mission with respect to the infinite world.

Such a situation of science poses a contradiction to the general rationality that philosophy seeks. The way to resolve this contradiction is philosophy’s criticism and transcendence to science. Through this criticism and transcendence, philosophy can liberate from the shackles of concrete sciences and obtain higher levels of freedom.

Through free thinking, philosophy breaks through the boundaries of science, and wisdom is used to bridge the gap between the concrete sciences and general rationality. Therefore, compared to specific science, philosophy has a higher level of freedom.

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