Indigenous Cultural Practices and Well-being

Multiple elements of Indigenous cultures have their wisdom useful in restoring well-being. Scientific analysis further explains how these practices address the physical and mental health of individuals and communities, which validates the application of these practices in the modern era. In the face of historic disruption where these practices no longer exist, the recognition that they can be repaired is vital in restoring cultural values and integrity. These practices have far-reaching implications for both people of Indigenous identity and for all those who lack connection to self, to community, and to the planet.

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Considering these practices, from a holistic perspective, they are interrelated by virtue of their capacity to redefine a person’s connectedness with self and with others, the strength of their overlapping impact is undeniable and powerful.

Future generations depend not only on our awareness that this wisdom exists but depend also on our active commitment to the restoration and sharing of Indigenous cultural practices.

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