Multitude of Individual Theologies

Due to its openness to all kind of sources for inspiration, traditions, and methods of reflection, the possibilities for individual constructive theologies of seekers are basically endless. In fact, the various sources of faith that inspire seekers offer plenty of possibilities for personal theologies, and as a consequence, the theologies of seekers may widely differ.

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The criterion for each of them is that it orders the life of any one specific seeker in a way that is meaningful to that seeker. Therefore, it is not straightforward to say something generally about a theology of the seeker in affirmative terms.

However, what is specific to the theology of the seeker is the way of dealing with diverse and contradicting views. This way of dealing may have implications for the seeking process. Moreover, assumptions implied in the seeking process have to be made explicit as they may influence and limit the possible outcomes of the seeking process. If these aspects are not carefully considered, seeking may lead to incoherence and if so, it may fail to order life in a meaningful way.

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