The Attribute of Uniqueness

Being one of a kind, sole, unique has a mystical value attached to it that of possessing the attributes of preciousness, worth and that of not being banal – an attribute of the commonplace. The abundant is easily overlooked, habitually underestimated and popularly disfavored; the abundant holds within itself causation of the redundant.

The quality of uniqueness in itself is in a possession of a universal charm, that can be tapped into by the mere assimilation of it. This charm or likability is of the perfect order if it happens to be of a natural origin. Such a charm, as that of an individual’s character and persona, can both be natural or artificial – one that resembles the original only in the cosmetic aspect.

Uniqueness with a natural charm has a magnetic effect – it is imbibed into one’s being; it flows naturally, it can cause deflection in the original nature of others to actuate a resonance with one’s own. It assuredly gifts the one endowed with uniqueness, a comfort akin to that of functioning from one’s own bastion. Add to this uniqueness, the property of non-perishability and its value increases by multifold.

It is by the virtue of this attribute that one stands out, becomes more amicable and boosts one’s accomplishment. Those blessed with it are undeniably fortunate. Uniqueness is precious– be it of the abstract, of objects, of individuals or situations. Unique situations leave indelible mark on the mind and remain alive as unforgettable memories.

 Uniqueness in conjunction with desirability is of great value and a noble virtue in itself. On the other hand, uniqueness of the detestable kind is depraved and positions itself on the receiving end of adversity.

Practicality –

In daily businesses being able to stand out from the rest of the crowd is all that matters for the survival of any industrious undertaking. In the absence of this the eventual object-matter, the end product or service as the case may be would fail to sustain amid ever-growing competition. Being unique – one of its kind, matters the most for sustenance and growth. It goes without saying that monopolies enjoy a distinct enviable advantage.

The same principle equally applies to people, organizations, businesses and marketable products and services. If not in its entirety, elements of uniqueness are of utmost necessity for entities to survive and prosper. This quality of singularity surely remains one of the most coveted of all.

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