Art and Spirituality

Post-secularism is conceptualized as a dialog and a tendency toward mutual understanding between the religious and secular mentalities, which could be mutually enriching. In fact, it is precisely aesthetic experience that has served as a bridge between spiritual faith and secular mentality since secularism made its appearance. Both believers of various confessions and the secular public readily perceived art (which is the concentrated form of existence of aesthetic experience) as a significant spiritual phenomenon.

Aesthetic Experience as a Path

The post secular person’s search for spirituality is associated exclusively with a new understanding of the phenomenon of life itself and with non-utilitarian forms of contact with life and its origins. Here, we see the increasing role of the phenomenon of wonder, which, notably, is also present in aesthetic experience. Therefore, one of the main directions in the search for post-secular spirituality could be the contemporary person’s renewed interest in the area of aesthetic experience; in its two main aspects: (1) its in-depth penetration into nature and its pursuit of unity with nature; and (2) aesthetic contemplation of art works.

Pursuing both of these aspects of aesthetic experience, the contemporary person, attempts to grasp something invisible beyond visible forms, to escape into higher spiritual realms of being from day-to-day reality, and finally to feel like human beings have their place in the Universe. If the contemporary post-secular person correctly understands and practices aesthetic experience, it can provide him or her with all this.

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