Meaning of God

Some of the traditions which inspire the seeker do use a concept of God, but others, such as humanism or some forms of Buddhism, do not, or they consider the existence and worship of God of secondary importance. This means that among seekers there are people who consider themselves theists, others are atheists, and many, one way or another, call themselves somewhere in between.

Issue to be considered, is the actual meaning of the word God. If the views on God so widely vary among the sources seekers use, and therefore also among seekers, what do seekers mean when they use the word God in their worship? And finally, if individual seekers, being inspired by several interpretations of the concept of God, use the word God, what do they mean?

[This article has been written as a part of the series –“Ananta Daily“. To know more about Ananta, check this.] If you found this post interesting you would also like – Modern Age Theology for the Seeker.

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