Dynamic Approach to Spiritual Growth

In this whole concept of dynamic spiritual growth there is room for change in the concept of self, as well as in the concept of ideal-self. Thus, my ethics, religious practice, or personal doctrine may change, similarly my ideals can change as well.

This approach to spiritual growth satisfies the requirements such as: Its first level definition is formal, and because of that, it leaves room to be filled in specifically by an individual. Individuals can do so by using a multitude of contributions of various religious, philosophical, and spiritual worldviews that inspire them personally in their search for truth and meaning.

It also helps in ordering and guiding life: Spiritual growth requires reflection on who I am, on what I would like to be, as well as the possibilities to make these two increasingly similar. Yet, it leaves room for a very personal individual result.

This approach to spiritual growth is helpful for groups of seekers to encourage spiritual growth in their congregations, as it sets an agenda of reflection on self (who am I and who should I be?) reflection on the group (who are we as a group and who should we be?), and reflection on the world (what is the world and what should it be?), but also on social action and spiritual care, as such action is a means to bring the actual self (as an individual or as a group) closer to what I/we think it should be.

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