10 Goals of Most Therapies

Therapies can be an effective treatment for a host of mental, emotional and spiritual problems.

Most therapies aim at a few or all of the following goals :

  1. Reinforcing client’s resolve for betterment.
  2. Lessening emotional pressure.
  3. Unfolding the potential for positive growth.
  4. Modifying habits.
  5. Changing thinking patterns.
  6. Increasing self-awareness.
  7. Improving interpersonal relations and communication
  8. Facilitating decision-making.
  9. Assisting in making aware of one’s choices in life.
  10. Help in relating to one’s social environment in a more creative and self-aware manner.

[This article has been written as a part of the series –“Ananta Daily“. To know more about Ananta, check this.] If you found this article interesting you may also like – Effects of Stress on Body and Coping with Stress

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