The Meaning of Life

The Russian philosopher, Semyon Frank, penned a book in 1925, The Meaning of Life, and in it he states that “the sole human work consists in seeking and finding the meaning of life”. He adds “Eternal life is the abiding ground of my entire earthly life. Love is an overcoming of our selfish personal life, an overcoming which gives us the blissful fullness of true life and thereby gives meaning to our life”. Mind demands a metaphysical foundation in the ultimate depths of being. The search for the meaning of life is also the struggle against its meaninglessness.

Spiritual existence is seen by Frankl in terms of “freedom” and “responsibility”. Of the dimensions of a person; the core is precisely the person as a spiritual being, the centre of spiritual activity.

Existential analysis tries to elicit man’s striving for a meaning to life by elucidating the meaning of his existence, unravelling it like a carpet. At all times, Frankl holds that there is a positive correlation between meaning orientation and mental health.

Frankl observes: “Like iron filings in a magnetic field, man’s life is put in order through his orientation toward meaning”. Disorder is meaninglessness; it is distance from the divine reality. Frank avers: “The sole work which illuminates life with meaning and therefore has absolute meaning for man is therefore nothing else but active co-participation on the Divine–human life”.

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