Technological Revolution brings Human Society closer to Spiritual Civilization

The past human civilization stage can be defined as the “Material Civilization Stage”, with the coming of Intelligent Age, human civilization stage will fundamentally transfer to spiritual stage. The world is going through the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This will cause a widespread influence on human society and bring about a production and lifestyle transformation.

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Since in “Intelligent Age” all of the demands for material life can be satisfied by new information technological tools, and the human civilization circulation will evolve into human spiritual life awakening stage, the lifetime of human beings will mostly be related to spiritual lives. Thereafter, human civilization will take on an entirely new look. The main activities of human beings will change from material creating activities to spiritual life awakening.

This will further arouse the evolution of basic paradigm of academic research in several areas, especially social sciences and economics. The methodology of social sciences will more and more return to starting from human nature and life spirituality.

The Intelligent Era –

Currently people’s activities are basically around the acquisition of various material needs. Essentially, if most of the lifetime is used to fulfill material and outer requirements, then such a life is a material life, rarely related to spiritual and intelligent life level. The industrial civilization provides a very wide selection space for peoples’ material life— world is colorful and gorgeous, but all of this is tied to outer material things—people must be around material productivity, otherwise they cannot continue life.

So in this mechanism people are not really free as most of the lifetime is devoted in material productivity. The true freedom of life is the experience, guidance and distillation of natural life. The intelligent era will meet this expectation.

The Starting of Human Spiritual Civilization Stage

The Reform of Human Being’s Life Caused by the New Generation of Information Technology –

In our times science and technology revolution has brought intellectual revolution to human beings. Material life and activities could be replaced by intelligent machines, so human life will be liberated from material creating activities. Human labour is becoming a non-essential factor to large production.

Life is liberated from the material. Where are the next entrances and exits of life- orientation? Human life would be fundamentally promoted at higher levels. Human civilization will then slowly and slowly transform from material stage to spiritual stage.

The Stage of Spiritual Awakening of Human Life is Coming –

With the opening of the Intelligent Age, human society enters into the age of internet of all things – everything is connected. A variety of traditional boundaries will gradually lose their binding force, such as national division, culture distinction, regional segmentation and so on. All human social mobility elements can be digitized into data, which would lead to a unified world; the future of human society will be towards a unified trend and direction.

So what kind of spirit could be an inner growth guide for the essence of life namely the spiritual life? In a universal sense, what kind of spiritual culture will become the leading culture of it?

This topic may include the dialogue between different civilizations of mankind. This would in future shape the “Growth Theory” of personal inner life.

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